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CellSpotter is the easiest GPS Location Sharing app in the world. Simply download the app and you can allow others to see your location on a map in an instant. There is no long registration process that forces you to send messages and get permissions from others. Just download the app and you’re ready to go. Whether you need it once a year for an hour or two or you’d like to see where your kids are all the time, CellSpotter is here to help.

CellSpotter Smart GPS Location Share is designed for ease of use and to locate people in their current stationary position or while in motion. We also have some unique elements to our app not found in other apps including the “Location Photo” feature and the “Get Directions” to a phone number feature. To ensure that others will see your location, and that you will have a pleasant experience using our app, we ask that you take the time to READ all of the INFORMATION and INSTRUCTIONS on our WEBSITE.

Some advice for using CellSpotter for both Apple iOS and Android users:

Apple iOS and Android’s software and operating systems are written and work differently. However, the Apple iOS and the Android OS work together for ALL CellSpotter users, allowing them to see each other’s location. As you use the app more and more, you will become increasingly familiar with the way in which your phones operating system works. It’s also nice to know that people who don’t have the app can also see a person’s location through the use of the website. No SmartPhone required.

CellSpotter is available for use for both Apple iOS and Android but you must have:

iPhone 4 or better running 5.0 iOS and up. Optimized for iPhone 5. Android OS 4.1 JellyBean and up.

iPhone updates location while moving every one minute. Android updates location every two minutes. To see movement of the smart phone you are searching touch the yellow Locate button every minute or so to update location for iPhone and touch the yellow Locate button every two minutes in Android. YOU MUST TOUCH LOCATE EACH TIME YOU WANT TO SEE IF THE USER HAS MOVED. As you will notice, our system was built with simplicity in mind to make it universally appealing to all people. In our view, simple is better and our app helps you accomplish the goal of seeing someone’s location, not tracking every move they make and using up your battery to do it.

On both Android and Apple iOS phones, there is an internal settings button that allows you to share your GPS location with others, or NOT. Basically this button turns on the GPS in your phone for your use and to share your location with others. Most people already know about this feature and some have it turned off. CellSpotter will NOT WORK if you have this setting turned OFF. In an iPhone you can find the button by going to SETTINGS>PRIVACY>LOCATION SERVICES. You must turn location services to ON to use the app. In Android go to SETTINGS>LOCATION SERVICES and check these two boxes; Use Wireless Networks and GPS Satellites. If for one reason or another CellSpotter is not working properly, you may have to check a few things. Are you getting signal? Are your settings correct? Is your WiFi on or off? Is your GPS button on? Are you running the proper software? Do you have the correct phone? If you’re not that tech savvy, find a friend that knows about smart phones or go by the office of the carrier near you. In many cases, just hand your phone to your kids; somehow they know everything! You can always e-mail us as well.

If for any reason at any time you feel that you may NOT be reporting the right location through the CellSpotter app when ON, simply type in your own number and touch “Locate”. If you still feel it to be in error, turn OFF the app, then turn it immediately ON again, set your Trackable Time and SAVE. Now check your location once again by entering your own ten-digit phone number. Checking your own location is recommended anytime you are planning to meet someone at your current location or if you are in doubt about your reported position. It’s very easy and only takes a few seconds. Our app is only as accurate as the software already in your phone. Sometimes the existing software can have limitations or report a location that is inaccurate; however, in most instances it is very, very reliable.

What is the passcode button? The passcode button allows you to be seen only by those people that you give the passcode. In turn, you can only see someone else’s location if they have the CellSpotter app ON and they give you their passcode if required. Therefore, if you want your location to be seen only by a select few, set a passcode when turning ON the app. When turning ON CellSpotter with a passcode, please remember that each time you use CellSpotter and want to use a passcode you must set up a new one. If you choose you have the option to use the same passcode over and over again; however, you must enter it at start-up each time. Using a familiar passcode can make it easier for both you and your friends to remember going forward. If you choose you can use CellSpotter with no passcode and leave the passcode button OFF.

CellSpotter is equipped with a unique revolutionary PhotoShare feature that allows the user to upload a current photo from the immediate location of the user. Once you turn your app ON you will be given a choice to take and upload a photo or not. You can also go into photo setting and delete old photo or take a new photo at any time. If you move from a location, you have the option to delete the old photo, leave it there or take and upload a new photo from along your route or your next destination. Controlling what photo your friends see is totally at your discretion. It’s your call and we don’t interfere.

There is also a blue “Directions” button and arrow on the bottom of the map once you find the location of a user. Touching this “Directions” button in the map area opens up the Google Maps app for navigation and pre-populates your current position; point A and the person you searched, point B. All you have to do is touch the Start button inside the navigation app and it will begin to give you written and verbal directions directly to the person’s number that you searched. If you have Bluetooth, the directions will be given over that system as you drive, bike, walk, etc. If for any reason the directions seem strange or inaccurate, go back to the app and touch the Directions button once again and see if it’s different or if it makes more sense. Please remember, CellSpotter is only an aide that is not always 100% accurate. Please use common sense and don’t drive north because the app told you to when you know your destination is actually south. Please remember, you also have other options and other maps on your device to double check your data.

If you like our app you can share it with others simply by going to the INVITE section of the app. By checking the Invite ALL box, you can send an SMS to all your friends so they can enjoy our free service as well. It’s very easy so check it out. Some smart phones only allow for a certain number of group SMS messages, so be sure to check your phones limitations when using the “Invite All” feature. Android usually allows one SMS message to be sent to a maximum of 20 users at any one time. If you have trouble, please email us at In iPhone you may also go to SETTINGS>MESSAGES and turn off every button in this area and you phone may allow for you to INVITE ALL in one fell swoop, even if you have 1000 contacts. Once again if in doubt, check with your carrier customer service representative. Please be careful if you don’t have unlimited texting ability as this could cost you. When in doubt, don’t INVITE ALL. Use e-mail.

What’s nice about having CellSpotter on your phone is that if the phone is turned OFF, or your battery runs out of juice, the CellSpotter database stores the Last Reported Position for as long as you set the app to be ON. Therefore, if your app is set to be ON for 24 hours, your phone can still report your last known position even if the battery dies or the phone breaks before the 24 hour period has expired. This feature has potential to find people who are lost in the woods, injured, disoriented or who have been abducted, even if you lose all battery power before help arrives.

There is one other setting in the Trackable Time drop-down that is important to note for both iOS and Android users; that is the “Last Reported Position” option. This choice should be made for those who may have become stranded, lost or injured and want their position to be reported forever even if they lose battery power or their phone breaks. Therefore, if you are in trouble and you are running low on battery, go to your CellSpotter app and turn the app ON with the “Last Reported Position” box checked in the Trackable Time drop-down. It’s also good to let one important person in your life know that if you ever went missing, they should go to and enter your phone number and do a search. If you use a passcode make sure that the special person in your life has that passcode so rescuers can find you. If you find yourself in trouble, turn your CellSpotter ON and set the Trackable Time to Last Reported Position. Call 911, the police or whomever you can and let them know your CellSpotter is ON and make sure that they have your phone number and your password if you choose one. This way even if your battery dies you give yourself a better chance of being found. If you are travelling to remote areas to hike it’s always good to let someone know that you’re doing so. Please remember when telling friends about your hiking plans to tell them that you use CellSpotter and give them your phone number in case you fail to return as scheduled. There is no guarantee that CellSpotter will save your life, but it certainly can increase your chances. Use your own best judgment as everyone’s individual circumstances are unique.

The safest setting in the event that you are in trouble and about to lose battery power is the “Last Reported Position” in the Trackable Time drop-down. In addition, if you should even need this feature it would be a good idea not to wander too far from that position as it would make it more difficult for rescue workers to find you, especially if you were talking or texting on your phone before the battery dies as this means you had signal strength. CellSpotter in this setting can sometimes save people’s lives and that’s why we think it should be standard equipment on every phone. And why not? It’s FREE and you just never know when you might need it! Once again though, please use your own best judgment as everyone’s individual’s circumstances are unique. CELLSPOTTER IS NOT A BEACON THAT AUTOMATICALLY CALLS FOR HELP WHEN YOU ARE IN TROUBLE, rather it is an aide that may or may not work depending on cellular, satellite and WiFi service in your unique area. One thing is for sure; having CellSpotter on your phone increases your chance for survival and it’s better to have it and not use it, than to need it and not have it!

Sometimes GPS software in both iPhone and Android can temporarily misreport. In some Android cases where you may be getting a wrong location, try turning ON the WiFi if it’s OFF, or turn it OFF if it’s ON. Now see if this corrects the location reporting on your device. Please remember GPS reporting can be affected by many things; weather, atmospheric conditions, settings in the phone, cell service, satellite service, WiFi service, Internet service, the existing software in your phone, all things in which the CellSpotter app and the software in your phone have no control. In most cases the existing GPS software in your phone is extremely accurate, but again use caution and patience when working with this app. If you are unsure of a position, wait a few minutes and check again; check your WiFi settings to see if they are interrupting, call or text the person you are searching and double check their location, turn app OFF/ON again, reboot phone, reinstall app, etc. Don’t jump to conclusions. Usually just waiting a few minutes allows the GPS to get a better reading. There is no guarantee that CellSpotter locations will be 100% accurate, 100% of the time so please be patient. Thank you.

Tips for Apple iOS users;

When driving in a vehicle with the app ON, always keep your SmartPhone on your car charger to ensure maximum battery life. Apple iOS updates every one minute when your smartphone is moving and reports your location more frequently than in Android, however, this causes more battery to be consumed, so please use your charger when traveling. If you are hiking, skiing, boating, biking or moving about in any manner, or you receive the message that “CellSpotter reminds you that when traveling in a vehicle to always use your charger…” and you have no access to a charging system, keep CellSpotter in the OFF position until you really need it, then turn it on for a short while. Conversely, when staying in one location for many hours, Apple iOS uses very little battery as it goes into Battery Conserve Mode (BCM). When in battery conserve mode and with all other apps in the OFF position and no Internet/talk/text/other app time is used, CellSpotter only uses about 1% of the battery over a one hour period. CellSpotter was built for temporary use for when you really need to share your location temporarily. Therefore we recommend that you turn the app on as you need it and when finished turn CellSpotter off, especially in iOS and if you are constantly moving.

Since Apple iOS senses when you stop moving it can determine when you are in a fixed location. Within approximately 15 minutes of being stationary the app goes into Battery Conserve Mode, but still reports your current location for as long as your CellSpotter is ON. As you will see when the app goes into BCM you will get a reminder message that tells you so. The message says; “You are now in Battery Conserve Mode. If you move from this location, Touch App Icon so your location will begin to update again…” To open the app, simply touch the app ICON. That’s it.

For optimal use, iOS users should turn ON CellSpotter when reaching the location in which they wish to be found. Again, if CellSpotter is ON while traveling in a vehicle, ALWAYS use your car charger, as GPS software is working all the time when there is constant movement in iOS*. Do not use CellSpotter in moving vehicles for extended periods of time unless you HAVE and USE your 12 volt cigarette lighter charger system. Please be conscious of your battery level by checking it occasionally. If you feel the app is draining your battery to excess, simply turn OFF the app and wait until it is essential that someone locate you to turn app ON again. Warning: Constantly moving by hiking, walking, biking, skiing, boating, etc., will keep app updating every minute and will drain the battery over time. If you do not have some type of charging system, do NOT use CellSpotter in iOS while constantly moving unless you can get to a charger in time to recharge or you carry additional battery supply. CellSpotter in iOS is meant more for temporary reporting, stationary reporting, or constant reporting while travelling in a vehicle that uses a 12 volt charging system, not hiking in the woods with the app ON. If you like our app, and want to use it while in constant motion throughout the day without charging, the best way to ensure minimum battery consumption is to use our app with an Android Operating System smart phone.

Please remember, when in doubt about as to whether or not you are reporting the correct location to others, simply open the app and check your own mobile phone number to see. Enter your own number and touch LOCATE to test.

Note: If you are tethering with your iPhone, please turn OFF Personal Hotspot and WiFi to use CellSpotter. Photo will not download sometimes and app may not function properly. Test to see.

Please also remember that when in doubt about as to whether or not you are reporting the correct location to others, simply open the app and check your own mobile phone number. Enter your own number and touch LOCATE to test your system. If your software has for any reason stopped reporting your proper location, simply turn the app OFF and turn ON again and check your own telephone number. As we previously stated, the app is only as good as the software in your phone. If the software sticks, then the CellSpotter app reports that last position. Simply reboot.

Tips for Android Users

Android updates your location every two minutes, not one, therefore conserving larger amounts of battery power. Like Apple, Android software has built in sensors that sense movement and conserve battery power. Given that Android updates less frequently than Apple, Android phones that we have tested have no problem with the app being ON for the entire day**. For those parents with children or for those who fear possible abduction, having an Android operating system may be best for you as it conserves more power and reports your position every two minutes without ever going into battery conserve mode like in iOS. Depending on other usage, Android phones can usually last the whole day without charging. Please remember to charge your battery every night while you sleep. It’s also worth noting that if you spend a lot of time talking, texting and using the mobile Internet, while also having the app ON all day, you may want to charge the phone through a 12 volt car charger or a 110 volt wall outlet when possible. In short, it’s always best to monitor your battery use. Over time you will learn more about your phones behavior as you monitor your use.

**When a Samsung Galaxy Exhibit was tested with no talk time used with the CellSpotter app in the ON position, only 30-35% of the battery was consumed over a 14 hour period. This is exceptional battery performance usage for a GPS app while updating every two minutes. If you care to, you can do the same testing with your Android.

For instructions on how to operate the CellSpotter app, please click here, instructions CellSpotter is currently available for use in the countries that use the NANP; North American Numbering Plan. The US, Canada, the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and other US territories and 17 Caribbean Islands all use the same system that requires a three digit area code and a seven digit phone number. (xxx) xxx-xxxx

When using CellSpotter & considering battery consumption, we feel that the Best Operating System for Shorter Periods of Time & Shorter Update Periods is Apple iPhone iOS & the Best Operating System for Longer Periods of Time with Longer Update Periods is Android.

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